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4 more days!!! [Dec. 21st, 2005|12:53 pm]
[*Mood* |goodgood]

hay everybody!!!only 4 more days till christmas!!!!!i am so exited and i am sure u all are too!can u guys belive that coburn (V.A) schools are still in school but they had a half day 2day and and 2morrow!that isnt that bad.but im not there so lucky 4 me huh.do u see my pic cute huh!!! took me 4ever to find it been surfing the web trying to find it.lol!!~~** i have changed a little of my live journal and probably going to do it agian it lateri do it about every week.lol!!~~**like i sayed be4 christmas comes up fast but the last 5 or6 days go by so slow!!all i have done to day is play,put together puzzlesand stuff like that.pretty boring stuff wa=e are going to get out of the house,i cant stand to stay in the house all day!!drives me crazy.have to atleast sit on the porch but it is cold and windy.so not even goin out there.gives me chils just thinki bou it.looked up on my weahter bug and it is 19 degrees where my cousin is in vaginia!!!!!!!!!now that is cold.well better go 4 now.talk later!!~~**

sara lynn